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                    Volume 03 - Issue 01

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IJPRA (Volume 03 - Issue 01) (June 2018)

Harmless Bacterial by Products for Chronic Wound Treatment. A Clean Production Experience
Moreno, María Julieta || Cabrera, Carla Agostina || González Exequiel, Di Toto Blessing, Lilian || Cerusico, Nicolás || Sesto Cabral, Maria Eugenia
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Applications, Volume 3, Issue 1 (June - 2018), PP. 01-11

Our research team develops topic formulations based on harmless bacterial by products for chronic wound treatment. The entire scaling up process was designed to facilitate clinical trials, while Cleaner Production (CP) technologies were implemented in order to improve the process. By defining our own critical process points and increasing the efficiency of production processes, we expect reentering our own wastes in the process line, to replace expensive constituents maintaining all pharmacological properties. Four new media were designed and characterized, all activities previously reported were tested in vitro and a new quality control was designed. It is possible by reentering in the process line to minimize environmental damage, to use resources more efficiently; and to increase business profitability and competitiveness.In countries where research budgets are meager as Argentina, the tendency to innovation and improvements in the designs prototypes ''made in Argentina'' marks a growing trend adopted by researchers. The entering process and products were patented on INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), INPI AR20170123114.

Culture media design, Lactobacillus plantarum, clean production, biofilm inhibition, chronicwounds.
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